Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just One of the Gang

Well it's been two full days and Fisher is just one of the gang for sure. He is doing well and acts like he's had 4 siblings forever. He roams from one to the other looking to play, annoy them, hug them, hide from them, etc... It's amazing how children find ways to communicate, even if they aren't speaking the same language. There seems to be very little that Fisher, Eli, and Dutch can't communicate with each other one way or the other. They've turned the downstairs into a testosterone play land!

As expected, Eli is having some issues. He is no longer the baby, a role he relishes and plays well. One minute he's fine and the next he's upset that Fisher picked up a toy he had no intentions of doing anything with. None the less it upsets him and goes into a short funk. He eventually snaps out of it, but for sure he's having to adjust. The one reassuring thing about watching this is Fisher picks senses when Eli is upset and has had his feelings hurt. He doesn't like to see Eli sad and typically will try and console him in some fashion. Not sure how long this will last before full fledged brotherhood sets in bringing indifference, but it's sweet for now.


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