Monday, March 15, 2010

Nǐǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ ǐ Hǎoǎoǎoǎoǎoǎoǎoǎoǎoǎo Cowboy!

Sorry it's been a while since an update, life back in the fast lane of family has taken it's toll on the creative juices! Fisher is doing well and as you can see is a very happy and an imaginative little boy. He has plugged right into the family and if you saw him at home, you'd think he'd been here all along.

It's certainly been a wild ride since returning home, hence the appropriate blog title. The other night was cowboy night at church so Eli came down with his best cowboy outfit on, pretty good actually. Of course little brother being little brother, he just had to have some cowboy on too! So we rounded up another vest and straw hat, to which both began running around the house hollering, Yeeeaah Haaaaaaw Cowboy! (note: they both love Toy Story and Woody) So, much like the rest of our Ch'english (chinese + english) phrases and sentences, it quickly morphed into a long drawn out nǐ hǎo cowboy phrase for Fisher. Everyone was laughing so hard, and we all had to join in on the mangled phrase, fun for all.

The energy in the house is exponential with a very active 3 year old dropped right into the middle of it. He and Eli compete for everything, and I mean everything. Who can meet me at the door first each evening, who can open the door first when leaving, you name it, they're racing to it and fighting over it! "I had that first" phrases coupled with some sort of whiny expression from the 3 year old which is like finger nails on the chalk board, and means anything from, "leave me alone" to he "took what I wanted" has the old nerves a bit frayed these days. None the less, we wouldn't change much and what was a fairly normalized routine around here and even mix of boys and girls, is out the window and the girls are now hiding most of the time because it's testosterone city around here now, blocks, cars, and balls everywhere!


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